LID Architecture - Bird Watching Centre


“Viewing Embankment”

The site is the estuary of the Roe River as it joins Lough Foyle. The landscape is broad and flat with areas of reclaimed land, a man-made “nature”/”natural landscape with dykes and sea-walls, made from earth and stones. These elevated embankments are un-prescribed route-ways in the land.

A new “Viewing Embankment” is created to allow linear viewing for Bird-Watchers towards the estuary area. The building ramps up to the embankment level, the circulation in the building paralleling movement in a landscape.

A screen made from driftwood and running the length of the embankment conceals the visitors so the birds are undisturbed. The embankment joins up with a walk continuing along the river.


Photos Section: 
Image - Bird Watching Centre

LID Architecture - Bird Watching Centre