LID Architecture - Dublin Parlour

Dublin Parlour

125 Containers
LiD's winning proposal for the new civic space, Dublin Parlour, aims to form a connection between the Docklands Development, Point Village and the energy of Dublin Port. The shipping container, symbol of global trade and exchange, is utilized as a building element to solve all the pragmatic and design issues of the brief, as well as opening up further possibilities and appropriations.

The full team that worked on the project was:
Ryan Ward
Jenny Montgomery
James Donaghy
Dougal Sheridan
Deirdre McMenamin

LiD were assisted in their submission by:
Coyle Doherty & Co. Quantity Surveyors
Robert Barry Consulting Engineers

From the RIAI Assessors’ Report:
This submission’s simple, strong, clear idea effortlessly addresses the brief. The assessors felt that this solution displayed high levels of flexibility, adaptability and toughness in use. The design resonates powerfully with docklands and embraces the temporary nature of the challenge.

The basic, building block can be configured endlessly, demonstrating variations for solid and void, for dramatic and lighting purposes and for the integration of varied art forms. The creative use of this cheap and available building unit facilitates a flexible architecture explored in the stage, containing walls and vertical features.

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LID Architecture - Dublin Parlour