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Our client wanted a small gallery for exhibiting his work and that of other artists. The gallery adjoins his studio and living space, a converted timber barn. Although the gallery is quite small in area, folding walls allow the gallery to expand into the rest of the house and visa versa, for example at opening nights. We developed an autonomous corrugated metal and polycarbonate-clad building that is “parked” beside the barn, and so does not interfere with its formal integrity. The gallery has one large folding shop front window providing an entry point from the road. Another large sliding door derived from barn construction opens the gallery up to its rural context. A protected deck, like the cockpit of a boat is recessed into the roof of the gallery. This can be accessed from the barns upper level and provides a look-out point with enveloping views of local vineyards and the sea beyond.

RIAI Awards 2007: This project was selected for Exhibition 


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Image - New Zealand Barn photo

LID Architecture - Studio, New Zealand