Nenagh College Mapestry

Collaborative Art Piece (Per Cent for Art Commission)

A dynamic depiction of the “life” of the school as interwoven with the building and its context. A hybrid plan of the school overlaid with stitched representations of its use: the journeys of students and staff in the course of a typical day mapped in terms of route and character of movement; the diversity of subject areas evoked through depictions of manual activities; the atmosphere of the urban, landscape and site surroundings illustrated through student experience-based mental mapping. The work was developed through process-led student participation in conceptual drawing, modelling, and stitching exercises. The stitched drawing represents the investigations and development of ideas and facilitated a range of involvement and participation and provided an opportunity to acquire new skills in an open and social atmosphere. The project team has an ongoing goal to explore the connection between practice and context within social situations. This practice occurs in two forms: inquiry and activity. Participatory art is by its very nature collaborative. Each individual becomes immersed directly in the creative process and becomes co-author, editor, and observer of the work. The skills of the architect and artist combined with the creative drive of the participant’s produces an experience – and an artwork – that is more than the sum of its parts.

LiD Architecture / Deirdre Harte / Brian Cregan


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Image - Nenagh Mapestry

Nenagh College Mapestry