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The 'House in Glen' is on the site of a now derelict cottage. The old cottage is re-used as a walled garden which forms the entrance to the property. The new house takes a vernacular form but has an open plan with sliding partitions for flexible living.

The client for 'The Hidden House' wanted to create a discrete dwelling on an unusually long and narrow elevated site with spectacular views from all sides, but especially towards Gartan Lake to the south. The slope of the site allowed us to stack the required accommodation whilst maintaining a discrete volume from the approach side. Social areas are on this upper level, while sleeping accommodation is below.

Landscape Wall: Our client, wants to refurbish a run-down cottage into a one-person dwelling and workplace. We are placing a concrete retaining wall along the back of the cottage and roofing the area in between almost entirely with triple glazing positioned to catch the sun all day. All the serviced accommodation is contained in the new build, meaning the existing cottage can be left unplumbed and with minimum refurbishment. The wall extends out into the site, creating two outdoor rooms, one for morning, off the kitchen, and one for evening, off the lounge.


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LID Architecture - Other Projects