LID Architecture - Red Lead Arts Exhibition

Urban regeneration exhibition

This was an exhibition done in conjunction with Red Lead Arts Belfast, with funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and held in Place Gallery of the Built Environment on Fountain Street and in Connswater Shopping Centre in East Belfast, in April-May 2006.

The exhibition aimed to create an overview of urban regeneration of inner east Belfast and to show it in a way that can be accessed by anyone, including people who might not normally come to an exhibition about the urban environment. The map allowed people to engage on a personal level. Stickers were supplied and people were encouraged to 'make their mark' on East Belfast by writing something on the sticker and sticking it on the map.

The red lines point to the locations of the projects and the red questions connected to the lines were intended to encourage thinking about the built environment.

By including recently demoslished buildings and those in danger through neglect, the exhibition aimed to draw public attention to the destruction of built heritage that often accompanies rapid regeneration and development.


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Image - Urban Regeneration Exhibition

LID Architecture - Red Lead Arts Exhibition