LID Architecture - Arainn Mhor Shoreline

Arainn Mhor Shoreline

“Path Way”

This project was the development of Leabgarrow shoreline- the main beach on Arainn Mhor Island. We wanted to retain the informal robust qualities of the beach, adjacent pier and rocky shoreline, and to express them in the design.

A path is to be created along the existing boulder bank connecting the pier to the beach and on to the two schools. Along its route, the path changes and adapts to the condition. At the youth hostel and the pub, the path enlarges to become a terrace for seating etc. The Pathway also widens at the beachfront creating a level platform overlooking the beach and new play area. The small change in level means that car-parking can be kept below eye-level (at road level). Seating, public toilets, lighting etc is to be integrated into the new pathway, designed to have a quality not only during the busy summer season but also in winter when the tourists have left.


Photos Section: 
Image - “Path Way”

LID Architecture - Arainn Mhor Shoreline