Translating Housing: Berlin- Belfast

Translating Housing

Berlin - Belfast

Innovative Housing Provision: Precedents and Proposals

This research aims to inform alternative approaches to housing provision in Northern Irish urban environments, in particular Belfast. It presents research and analysis through a series of case studies of diverse and innovative approaches to housing typologies, financing, and development models, which have emerged uniquely in Berlin. And it considers if, how, and in what form, these typologies could be interpreted in the context of Belfast, particularly in relation to creating and maintaining inclusive, sustainable, and civil urban society.

A research project conducted at the University of Ulster with the support and collaboration of the Department of Social Development, the Northern Irish Housing Executive, the Strategic Investment Board, the Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations and the Chartered Institute of Housing.

RIAI Award 2016

Translating Housing: Berlin-Belfast book (PDF, open access).


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Translating Housing: Berlin- Belfast