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Hybrid Use Building for Woodvale Park

The proposal for a Hybrid-Use Building for Woodvale Park has evolved from the ongoing processes of evaluation, discussion, and consultations both within the local communities and between community representatives and local authorities about the future of Woodvale Park. It has grown out of desire to find a long-term regenerative strategy for the park, which reflects the needs and interests of park users and the local community.

The idea of a Hybrid-Use Building was developed as a way making a strategic intervention into the park to address the issues of anti-social behaviour and its environmental impact by providing an alternative place for people to gather outside of the opening hours of the park. This intervention would take the form of a Hybrid-Use Building (Woodvale HUB) This building would be a hybrid indoor/outdoor structure containing flexible spaces allowing social and sporting activities relating to both the park and surrounding area. The Woodvale HUB would accessible and equally welcoming to all members of the local community including, young adults and pensioners, racial minorities and long-term residents, and act as a catalyst for the regeneration of the Greater Shankill area.

Yellow Press 2nd Edition: Community Participation on the Shankhill Road, Belfast, 2009

Yellow Press 3rd Edition: Woodvale HUB 2010

Special Mention, AAI Awards 2010

Article in Architects for Peace


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LID Architecture - Woodvale HUB